Skin Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

With how many different skincare products available nowadays that promise to take years off your face, choosing the right one can understandably be overwhelming to many. 

This leaves many shoppers thinking they have to be tied to overpriced products that really don’t make a difference. In reality, a proper diet and a simple daily skincare routine can work wonders for the majority of people. 

Specifically, implementing Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs in your diet or as a topical supplement can be a great start for glowing skin. EFAs are a group of naturally-occurring, unsaturated fats that offer a range of amazing skin benefits. The two types of EFAs include: the omega-6 series derived from linoleic acid, and the omega-3 series derived from alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

The following are 4 Skin Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids:

1. Heals Common Skin Issues


Essential Fatty Acids are one of the hardest working ingredients out there, tackling a range of skin problem areas without missing a beat. Whether it’s dry skin, acne, or oiliness, EFAs can help with all these common issues. Despite a common misconception of oils overloading skin, EFAs are great at bringing your skin into perfect balance.


2. Contains Anti-Aging Properties


Essential Fatty Acids are made up of two important acids, linoleic acid, and alpha-linolenic acid. This combination contains a major boost of anti-ageing properties that will help promote healthy skin and reduce fine lines, alongside other signs of ageing.

3. Natural Exfoliators


You probably don’t associate oils with exfoliation but that’s just what these clever EFAs can do if applied correctly. The key to this natural exfoliation is linoleic acid which causes healthy skin shedding and renewal, helping to keep pores clear and your complexion bright. 

4. They Reduce Stress on Skin


Many of us suffer from redness, dryness or irritation. These reactions are stressful to the skin causing it to feel tight and inflamed. This stress can be caused by a whole range of factors from sunburn to lack of sleep. Essential Fatty Acids can help to calm and soothe stressed skin, leaving you with what feels like a brand-new complexion.

Individual results may vary