At Maxim Medical, Dr. Maxim Chumak constantly strives to develop customized solutions aimed at unique needs of each patient. He invites you to discuss your wellness concerns with him for a customized IV therapy to provide you with the boosts that could benefit you. IV cocktails are an effective way to get a quick boost, fight fatigue, detox, re-nourish and rehydrate.

Staying hydrated is a simple way to help your health. Hydration ensures that your body has adequate water for flushing out toxins and transporting vital nutrients to your body's cells.

Benefits of IV therapy:

  1. Reverse a debilitating hangover by instantly rehydrating and re-nourishing the entire body
  2. Re-charge and push back fatigue
  3. Maximize your mental focus, stamina and ultimate performance
  4. Boost athletic performance or speed up recovery time from a sports injury
  5. Strengthen your immune system and minimize cold or flu symptoms
  6. Re-nourish, replenish, rebuild and renew your body on the molecular level in many other areas of healthy functioning, such as beauty, sexual wellness, mental concentration, or post-traumatic recovery
  7. Instantly feel better and more energized

Maxim Medical IV Menu

Banana Colada$99
Feel better after a night out. Get back to being you!
Rejuvenator Julep IV$180
Look better. Feel younger. Moisture from the inside-out!
Top Shelf IV$195
Be your best! Energize and get to the finish line every time!
Remedy Tonic IV$150
Don't let the cold or flu drain your body! Get on the road to recovery!
Myers Cocktail$79
The Original IV booster.
The Follicle Elixir$175
Regrow your hair stronger! Prolong the life of your strands.
Individual results may vary