Сonсierge Medicine

Unlock Exclusive Personalized Care for the Entire Family with a Concierge Care Plan!

In addition to providing access to cutting-edge rejuvenation and aesthetic medical treatment, iSkin Rejuvenation Center and Dr. Max offer you premium access to healthcare membership in a concierge care plan. This retainer-based direct care relationship comes with exclusive physician access privileges for you and your family, as well as providing you with a one-stop access point for all of your healthcare needs.

Concierge Care Plan Advantages

Making an appointment when you’re sick is a hassle. An average visit with a physician in South Florida lasts only eight minutes. For emergencies on the weekends, your options are the line at the ER or an urgent care that stabilizes the problem but does not diagnose or treat it. Furthermore, your medical history and health profiles are not kept in one place, resulting in unnecessary costly tests and assessments.

The Concierge Care Plan at Maxim Medical presents a better alternative for the medical needs of you and your family through personalized care and exclusive direct access to an experienced doctor certified in family medicine, working with patients of all ages.

Through this plan, the doctor and his staff build a long-term relationship with you and your loved ones, creating a comfort level and keeping a detailed history of all of your medical issues, concerns, tests and procedures. We focus on prevention and wellness maintenance, taking into account your overall health profile and medical history.

With the Concierge Care Plan, your doctor is just one phone call, text message or e-mail away, even if you are traveling abroad. When you contact us, we already know you and your medical history, and can address your concern right away.

In addition to direct and unfettered access to your physician in times of a medical crisis or illness, your plan will cover periodic check-ups, doctor consultations and exams, with the goal of preventing illness, early diagnosis, and maintaining overall health and wellness for a lifetime.

Please keep in mind that we can only accept a limited number of patients for the Concierge Care Plan. We invite you to speak with a member of our staff today to discuss the availability and the benefits of this plan!

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