Here Are 4 Winter Skin Care Tips!

Though it is arguable if we really even have a winter season down here in Florida, it still gets relatively chilly during this time of year. For us Floridians, the difference between 90 degrees and 60 is enough for many of us to start wearing layers and jackets. Just as we have to do specific things to take care of our skin during the summer, the winter calls for a slight shift in regimen. Here are 4 Winter skincare tips you need to know!

1. Don’t Forget SPF! 


It would seem that applying sunscreen is not necessary when it’s cold out. Yet, this is actually untrue as the sun’s UV rays are still as strong during the winter. It is best to apply sunscreen with a SPF protection of at least 30. The Skin Cancer Institute suggests it’s best to reapply sunscreen every two hours and immediately after any physical exercise.

2. Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day


We tend to not drink much water when we are cold, yet this can cause our bodies to become dehydrated. This then allows the low humidity in the air to take out any moisture from our skin. It isn’t necessary to chug water down, but be sure to drink water throughout your day. If you aren’t big on the taste of water, you can always naturally flavor it using fruit or non-caffeinated teas like ginger and lemon, or whatever your favorite tea is.

3. Try To Not Take Long, Hot Showers


As tempting as it may be to take a long, hot shower when it’s cold, this isn’t really the best idea for your skin. The heat during these showers can strip away the necessary oils of your skin. Moreover, this heat will only further dehydrate your body while the cold outside is already doing so. Try to opt for warm showers, rather than scalding.

4. Your Moisturizer is Your Best Friend


With the elements drying out your skin, a proper moisturizer will become your best friend to keep your skin in check. Be sure to regularly apply, especially after each shower you take. This is the time your pores are most open due to the warm water. If you don’t have any moisturizer or body lotion, coconut oil will also work well! Coconut oil is full of healthy properties that can reduce inflammation, keep skin moisturized, and help heal wounds.

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