Complete IV Bar in Fort Lauderdale

New, Complete IV Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Maxim-um IV Therapy Lounge: Vital Nutrients and Hydration Delivered in Minutes

All across the country, IV cocktails are a trendy and effective way to get a quick boost, fight fatigue, detox, re-nourish and rehydrate. They can:

  • Reverse a debilitating hangover by instantly rehydrating and re-nourishing the entire body.
  • Re-charge, push back fatigue and revitalize with mixes of vitamins and nutrients
  • Maximize your mental focus, stamina and ultimate performance when finishing a challenging project or studying for a difficult exam
  • Boost athletic performance or speed up recovery time from a sports injury by instantly providing your body with the molecular building blocks it needs to restore and recover
  • Strengthen your immune system and nip an oncoming cold or flu in the bud
  • Re-nourish, replenish, rebuild and renew your body on the molecular level in many other areas of healthy functioning, such as beauty, sexual wellness, mental concentration, or post-traumatic recovery
  • Instantly feeling better and more energized

Not just a one-time solution, the IV nutrient therapy can have major long-term benefits in maintaining your well-being and fighting illness, on its own or in combination with other treatments and therapies.

IV nutrient therapy has been used in functional and holistic medicine for decades. Today it is a safe, faster and more effective alternative to traditional nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Your body is the product of nutrients and vitamins that can be absorbed and assimilated by the various cells, tissues, organs and systems. The old adage, “you are what you eat,” is not entirely untrue. IV nutritional therapy provides just the vital chemicals and nutrients to the body, without all the unnecessary and often harmful chemicals and by-products found in the food we eat.

Instant Rehydration on the Cellular Level

In addition to fast and optimal delivery of vital nutrients, vitamins, and microelements, IVs are an efficient way to quickly and completely rehydrate your body. Everything we know about the importance of proper hydration to health and well-being today points in the same direction: water is indispensable in almost every physiological process. Adequate hydration ensures that your body flushes out toxins, transports vital nutrients to your body's cells, and provides building blocks for those very cells.

Chronic dehydration is all too common, especially with the high caffeine consumption. IVs are a great way to quickly rehydrate your body on a cellular level, and reverse symptoms such as dull headaches associated with chronic dehydration.

Oral Supplement Intake vs. Nutrient Therapies

When taken by mouth, food, water and the nutrients they contain go through a lengthy and complex process in the digestive system before finally reaching the bloodstream (along with all the harmful toxins and “junk” commonly found in food, energy drinks, and other beverages). The bloodstream then carries these nutrients to the organs, tissues and cells which need them, making these nutrients “bioavailable”. Often, by the time they reach the bloodstream, the beneficial results of the nutrients are negligible.

Compared to vitamin pills and supplements, under-the-tongue preparations, nasal sprays and more, IV mixes are several times faster and more efficient in making vital nutrients “bioavailable” to the various systems in the body.

IV delivers nutrients, vitamins and other therapeutic agents directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the slow process of digestion and absorption, instantaneously restoring the body to optimal levels. For some vitamins – such as Vitamin C – IVs are the only way to achieve a therapeutic effect. Taken as a pill, Vitamin C is absorbed too slowly and broken down too fast, and thus never reaches the level at which it can heal.

Many other nutrients, vitamins, and microelements must have specific, high levels of concentration in the blood in order to produce a benefit. For this reason, IV nutrient therapies have earned their rightful place in wellness and clinical medicine. At Maxim Medical, you can get the classic Myer’s Cocktail, as well as newer advanced preparations that target the specific problem area in your body, be it the immune system, anti-oxidation, skin and hair rejuvenation, and more.

Dr. Maxim Chumak, an expert in wellness medicine with decades of experience, personally designs and monitors the preparation of every IV blend. The IVs cocktails are administered and attended by RNs with years of experience and training to ensure maximum safety and comfort of each client of Maxim Medical.

Dr. Chumak constantly strives to develop customized solutions aimed at the particular needs of each patient at Maxim Medical. He invites you to drop in for a visit to the IV bar and talk to him about which customized IV therapeutic solutions can be designed specifically for you.
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