Common Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making

1. Brushing Your Teeth After Coffee


You would think that immediately after drinking coffee or other beverages with high acidity content, that it’d be a good idea to brush your teeth. Aside from staining, these types of drinks are known to eat away at your teeths’ enamel, its outer shell. While the intent is just, the main issue with this common belief is that when you brush after drinking coffee or the likes, this can wear away even more that enamel. Alternatively, swish well with water and wait at least 1 hour before you brush. It is also recommended to even brush before you sip.

2. Not Drinking Water During Happy Hour


While it can seem somewhat counterintuitive to drink water while out during happy hour, it’s a must when it comes to the context of your health and beauty. Red wine is an obvious teeth-stainer, but white wine has acid and tannins, too. They can damage your enamel and make teeth easier to stain. Moreover, alcohol also dries out your mouth which means you have less saliva to wash away acid and bacteria. To protect your teeth and prevent staining, rinse your mouth with water after every drink.


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3. Skipping Conditioner


Some common reasons as to why we end up skipping this step in the shower is it either takes too long or some are concerned it’ll weigh their hair down. You must keep in mind though, that the right lightweight conditioner is supposed to make your hair less brittle and less likely to break or split at the ends. Applying the conditioner at the ends rather than the scalp is also a good idea as this is the hair that is more prone to thinning. Finally, always wash with cold water to lock in the moisture.

4. Using Deodorant As An Antiperspirant +++


The issue with a lot of deodorants is that they also double up as antiperspirants. These types of products contain Aluminum. The main two health concerns that revolve around the inclusion of this element in these products are: Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.


The concerns about the risk of breast cancer largely have to do with the proximity of the underarms to the breasts. Some studies have claimed that a majority of breast cancers develop in the upper outer quadrant of the breast because that section is closest to the underarms, where antiperspirants — which theoretically get absorbed by the skin or enter through razor nicks — are applied, the thinking being that the aluminum gets into the lymph nodes and then travels to the breasts. Going along with that are the fears that because aluminum plugs the sweat ducts, the body cannot rid itself of any potentially cancerous substances absorbed during antiperspirant use.



5. Waiting Too Long To Switch Out Your Razor


A general rule of thumb for when you may need to change out your razor is if you need to pass over the same area multiple times to get smooth. This can create tiny cuts in your skin that can lead to bumps, rashes, irritation, and infection. After about five to seven shaves, or any time you need to go over an area multiple times, it’s time to switch blades. These numbers are obviously dependent upon how often you need to shave.


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