Best Skincare Routine Before Bed

For those wondering why a skincare routine is important before bed, just think of all the things you come in contact with throughout the day. Sleep is the time when your skin and body does all its healing. It cannot perform necessary functions like this if your skin is constantly clogged up. Thus, it becomes necessary or atleast a good habit to cleanse your face before bed. We’ll guide you through four easy steps to get you ready for bed and waking up feeling revitalized.

1. Cleanse


The first step would be to have a good cleanser, one that agrees with your skin. If you wear makeup, it’s a good idea to wash it all off using this cleanser and then clean away any oils that are still on your face. You may have applied many skin care products in the morning and it’s very easy to have acquired a bit of dirt on your face by the end of the day, depending on your daily activities. It’s imperative you wash all of this away in order for the next steps to be beneficial.

2. Exfoliate


It’s recommended you exfoliate nightly, but be sure to not use too harsh of a product. Simply choose a gentle exfoliator with a citric acid, or with very fine natural plant ingredients, so that you can lightly slough off any dead skin cells and other things your skin may have on it. Adding a body scrub to your shower routine could do your skin some good as well.  

3. Overnight Serum


After you have a freshly cleansed and exfoliated face, apply a nourishing and healing facial night serum. Vitamin C, as well as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and other plant-based products have been proven to be beneficial for your skin’s health. These serums would be  applied before your moisturizer, as they need to seep into the skin with ease. Most serums are concentrated with active ingredients so they offer deep hydration, and they place vital nutrients directly where they’re needed most. Many serums you can find at your nearest CVS or your favorite makeup/health store do help with lessening the look of wrinkles and can rejuvenate your skin overall. 

4. Moisturize


Lastly, adding a light moisturizer every night before bed as the end to your nighttime routine can greatly help your skin. Even after you apply a facial night serum, you will need to moisturize as this will lock in all the hydration and keep your skin from getting dry overnight. Oily skin is not a concern here as all skin needs some moisture so that it doesn’t dry out. The difference is, oily skin tends to be very dehydrated so it overcompensates by overproducing oil.

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