Robotic Hair Restoration

Artas Hair Restoration®

For men and women who experience hair loss, there is now a virtually pain-free way to grow back your natural, permanent, beautiful hair. Our hair restoration clinic — the first of its kind in Broward County — uses the new ARTAS® Robotic Technology for a procedure that is minimally invasive, more accurate than any other on the market, leaves no linear scars and requires almost no down time.

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Why is ARTAS® Technology better than any other hair transplant option currently available? It is:

It is cleared by the FDA and, unlike the older surgical option, ARTAS® is a real game changer. There is also zero potential for human error.

The ARTAS® technology can extract hair follicles with much higher precision and accuracy. While the best surgeon performing procedure by hand damages approximately 20 percent of the follicles, the ARTAS® technology has a more than 95 percent accuracy rate.

The surgeon gets tired, but the robot does not. Your results are accurate and consistent throughout the procedure.

Minimally invasive
There are no linear scars, no stitches, no heavy post-ops medications and almost no down time.

Lifetime results
Transplant hair retention and regrowth is much higher compared to traditional procedures. The hair is natural, permanent, and, most importantly, yours.

Individualized results
Dr. Max creates a personalized plan for each client and there is no guesswork in what you will look like: the 3D models will show you in advance.

Complementary services
Dr. Max is the only physician who will include all available cutting-edge technologies such as IV therapy, scalp PRP and laser scalp therapy at no additional cost to you with every hair restoration for a limited time.


How It Works



During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Max will create a 3D model of how you want to look after the ARTAS® procedure.

ARTAS® Robotic System

The ARTAS® Robotic System will calculate your optimal hair line and the number of grafts needed. You and Dr. Max will discuss these results.

Harvesting Your Donor Hair

During the procedure, Dr. Max and his staff will be in the room with you. Your hair will be selectively harvested with robotic precision, with much higher speed and accuracy than a surgical procedure. The donor area will retain its natural look.

Optimizing the Results

The ARTAS® robotic will be programmed by Dr. Max to create an optimal site distribution that keeps intact the existing healthy hair while adding hair from the donor area.


Your hair is transplanted into the desired area with the accuracy, precision and speed only possible with ARTAS®. After topical anesthesia, you feel no pain at all.

The New You!

You will see results in three to four months: permanent, thicker hair - naturally yours!

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ARTAS: the Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ARTAS robotic procedure work?
ARTAS does what surgeons have done for years, but better. The robotic technology restores hair with minimal invasiveness, virtually no down time or no scars. Unlike the traditional strip surgery, there is no linear scar in the back of the head, and no awkward-looking hair as a result. And while surgeons who perform follicular unit extraction by hand have to rely on their expertise, the robotic arm relies on advanced technology and digital imaging to achieve a much higher rate of accuracy. It continuously recalculates the direction and position of the follicular units to ensure the optimal harvesting results, and designs the most natural-looking hair growth pattern. The robotic procedure is also much more precise than a surgery performed by a doctor, and while the surgeon gets tired, the machine does not.
Individual results may vary