Family Medicine

Family Medicine

When you join the patient family at Maxim Medical Center, you have the assurance of putting your and your family’s medical care into the hands of a highly trained and experienced staff. We are dedicated to providing you with personalized attention, access, and treating you with courtesy, dignity and compassion. In other words, we care.

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Maxim Medical Center integrates traditional family medicine with holistic wellness procedures. A traditional flu diagnosis involves doctor’s advice such as rest and fluids, but at Maxim Medical, you can also leave feeling much better after an IV cocktail to boost your immune system and rehydrate your body. We are dedicated to promoting wellness and helping you define and meet your health and beauty goals.

We treat patients across all age groups, from children to adults to older adults. While our goal is to prevent illness, we are experienced in a variety of treatments to alleviate your current conditions and reduce your pain.

The practice is headed by Dr. Maxim Chumak, who has more than twenty years of experience practicing medicine, including a family medicine residency and a general surgery internship. Prior to becoming a doctor, Dr. Max worked as a nurse. He has substantial expertise in primary care, hospital and emergency care settings. He is also a surgeon in the US Army.

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